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Words from people who use our services

"An amazing place"

"The best place in the UK"

"It's a lifeline, where we learn & make friends"

"It's wonderful and encouraging"

"An inclusive, friendly and sociable place"

"It gives us hope, support and inspires"

"Such a positive place, where people are honest"

"It's a lifeline"

"Like being part of a family"

"Feels like home"

Lawrence Grubic

Guitar Group In guitar group we share with others. Everybody should do it. Its only £4 and there are guitars to borrow. Some were donated and some were bought. Join up, join in and feel it emotionally. All the people get support and feedback to learn.

Positive Literacy It’s very positive and you feel confident. They explain things simply and everyone can do it. There is too much good to say!

Art and Craft Group In art and chat we have fun and it’s educational with it. The art is fun and it’s good for everyone to experience and feel free with craft. We create new things and recreate things others have made. We are helped along and everyone is ready to help.


I came to the service feeling anxious, ill, upset and not being able to stop harmful behaviours and actions.I knew what I was doing was “wrong” and to my detriment but it was like a compulsion.

In five months I feel like I have completely turned my life around.I have boundaries in place to stop people harming me and more importantly to stop me harming myself.

I have given myself kindness and space to reflect on my life, my behaviours and my future. I am going to change career, further my education and follow my dreams that have been stifled by the day to day challenges of living.


Positive Futures was my lifeline without the help from Jan and James I know my life would be so different. You could say they saved my life.


I would just like to thank all of Positive Futures for a incredibly powerful afternoon yesterday.

As a group of students, I feel we are just beginning to know one another. We are getting to the stage of 'knowing' the usual traits in each of us. I think yesterday was different. I know that I, for one, did not speak, and my trait as known by the group is that inevitably I will pipe up with my 2 penneth worth! However, I did not feel that my emotions were in check enough yesterday to be able to ask a question. I know that a number of others who like me, the more vocal ones, were also silenced by emotion yesterday. I think I'd like to apologise for that, but also to let you know how amazing and how difficult it was to be a listener yesterday. The strength of all of the people that spoke yesterday, about their lives was/is immense, and I just echo Emma's view to say that I can't think that many of us could have stood in front of an audience to speak so eloquently and so movingly about life as you all did.

After you left we all 'debriefed'. For some, the lives of the speakers, echoed in some part the lives of ourselves. I hope this is of use to those who spoke. I do think that the power of what happened yesterday, is because the speakers and their lives and memories touched most of us. We are all ordinary people, with just a few of you that show how extraordinary some people can be.

I will remember ALL of the stories I heard yesterday, and all of the speakers who were so amazing to share them. Thank you.


Through the Positive Futures courses I have regained some self-esteem. I feel more comfortable and am now able to open up about myself around people. It has made me realise that I am not alone; that we all have our private problems and it is the situation that places people where they are.

The mutual support that is brought out in these groups is unbelievable; I just wish I had found it earlier as it may have stopped me from getting so ill. I have made friendships and, now, can be myself. I am able to release my emotions without being ashamed or afraid. The help and support from the group has made me feel wanted and given me back a sense of self-worth.