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Jan Gomez

I'm Jan and this is what I do. I'm a person - and a trainer - who loves people! I love being part of Positive Futures and I love running courses to enable and support people to increase their confidence and self-esteem, and to see people move forward in their lives! Amongst many courses, I run a course called Looking Forward to the Future. I never tire of it - every course is different depending on the group. I get really excited by people's successes and I love the start of every new course. I love working with Jill, my friend and partner in Positive Futures North West. I love all our volunteers, all of whom have been helped in some way by Positive Futures North West, and I love the classes they run for others. I love turning negatives into positives - ask anyone! I love getting up in the morning. I just love life!

I worked in recruitment for 15 years and - you guessed it - I loved it! I then trained as a teacher and worked at The Adult College in Lancaster until Christmas 2011. I was responsible for Employment Courses and this was when I realised that in order to gain employment, you need confidence. I devised a personal development programme, and my love of this side of it, led me to start Positive Futures North West in January 2012.

When I'm not working, I love swimming in cold rivers and lakes, cooking and baking, watching telly with my six foot - and still growing - son, looking after my many elderly relatives all of whom are wonderful, and I do love sleeping!

Come and visit. I am never too busy to chat and I would love to meet you.

p.s. I do not love dogs - they make me sneeze and wheeze!

Jill Brown

Hi - my name is Jill Brown. I am a founding member of the team at Positive Futures. I live outside Lancaster with my husband, two dogs, a ginger cat and sometimes a pet lamb or an orphaned hedgehog! We have two grown up children who now live away from home.

When I am not at work I enjoy rambling up hills and mountains with Meg and molly, cycling, curling up on the settee with a coffee and a good book and spending quality time with Moira my cow! But I think my most favourite thing is spending time with family and friends - chatting and laughing.
I have worked in the field of mental health and mental well-being for about 15 years and have learned most of what I know from the students, learners, clients - ordinary people - I have worked with. I love what I do, and I love to see people move on into whatever it is that they want for themselves.
I am very excited to have started this new company with my friend and colleague, Jan Gomez, and I look forward to developing Positive Futures and continuing to meet and support lots of new people, so please give me a call soon.
Looking forward to 2018 Watch this space!!

Wendy Rushton

Janet waller

Hi im Janet, I have been with Positive Futures for around 4 years. Firstly attending training courses then as a volunteer and now as a trainer. The fun courses have been great and I particularly enjoyed Nordic walking. My guilty pleasure is strictly come dancing, I love to wear a tiara on a Saturday evening! For me, Positive Futures does exactly what it says on the tin.

Sean Binning

My name is Sean Binning and I am very proud to be involved with Positive Futures. Two years ago, after being very ill with anxiety, my GP suggested that I attended the course Looking Forward to the Future, run by Jan Gomez. It’s no exaggeration to say that it changed my life. The course gave me the skills to begin to manage my anxiety and, by the end, I felt that I was well enough to start thinking about giving something back. My career was in teaching and I asked Jan how she’d feel about me running a Basic Skills English course. We agreed to try 10 sessions. My colleague Paul and I have done 80 sessions now and we’re still going strong! Every Monday morning, remarkable people come to talk about poetry, write their own poems and stories, improve their grammar and read together. The volunteers who come along to help are very special people too and when we’re all together - magic happens!

Jan and I thought that we could build on this by starting a Bibliotherapy group. It’s called Reading for Healing. We meet in Morecambe Library every Thursday afternoon and share a novel together. So far we’ve read Silas Marner by George Eliot and Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens. It’s an opportunity to discuss our own problems through events and characters in the novel. Since the group began I’ve had the privilege of seeing people grow in confidence, be able to talk about personal events and traumas so hurtful that they’ve often not been able to share them before, and simply have a really good time.

Recently, I’ve come full circle and begun teaching Looking Forward to the Future – the course that taught me so much. I still suffer from anxiety, but I’m far better at managing it now and it doesn’t rule my life.

Wendy Gallagher


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Hello my name is Alex Dargue, and I have been volunteering with Positive Futures for about six months. I started with Positive Futures by coming on a Looking Forward to the Future course, to help with my anxiety and depression, something I have lived with for four years. The course revolutionised my life, and without it, along with my work at PF I would be a very different person. I volunteer in our Positive Literacy class, and am in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am also quite techy-minded so have become part of the PF tech support team. Outside Positive Futures, I am an avid historian, writer and bookworm. I am always happy to have a chat with people, and hope I am a welcoming face to new people.

Diana shaw

Hi my name is Diana Shaw. I am a volunteer for Positive Futures. I first started coming to PF in 2015 for support for my anxiety. I have met some fantastic friends and am given lots of support. I have attended some of the courses PF have to offer and these have helped me significantly. I also attend tittle tattle in Morecambe, I am the volunteer along with another lady at this group. Im also training to become a mentor. So that I can support others that need it.

jo Riley

Graham Lowe

Richard Marshall

Jean Gray

Hi I’m Jean I am a volunteer at positive futures. I like helping people and am very welcoming. I like meeting and greeting people. I also help to run some of the social groups like singing and tittle tattle.

I am a very positive person and look forward to meeting you.

James Meeks